Shaye Veilleux


Shaye graduated as a certified Dental Assistant in 2011 and received further training in oral surgery, anesthesia, and rehabilitation care. Through her work in the medical field she realized that she wanted to provide a deeper level of care beyond traditional medicine. Shaye brings to us a mix of Western Medicine and her ongoing study of Eastern Medicine with its complementary healing practices, community focus, and worldly awareness. 

Clinical Expertise

Shaye first explored and adapted a wide range of alternative healing practices to bring a more holistic approach to the supportive care of dental patients during the stress of oral surgery. Through this training she came to recognize her passion to help others find tranquility. This has opened an extensive study of Yoga & Healing Movement workshops, Qi-Gong, meditation, and mindfulness practices that she most recently explored both in Oregon and during extensive travels to Alaska and Hawaii.

Other Professional Activities

Shaye has traveled extensively in Alaska, Hawaii and Costa Rica to experience other native cultures, philosophies, and ways of life.  On chartered cruises through Alaska, she led groups in yoga, meditation and nature hikes. On the islands of Hawaii, Shaye volunteered on organic farms and bonded with local communities through activities and events. 

Personal Interests

Shaye has recently spent time fulfilling one of her life long dreams of traveling the world. Her adventures have shown her a new desire for connecting with those around her and helping them reach their full potential.  She is entranced with yoga, dance, music, nourishing her mind, body and soul, and sharing this enthusiasm with all others that she encounters on her journey. She loves sharing her light through the community, her family and friends.