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World Labyrinth Day

10th International Labryrinth Day May 5, 2018

The Surya Chandra Center is one of many labryinths around the world participating in World Labyrinth Day.  At 1pm in every participating Labyrinth Site around the world in their time zone, people will start their labyrinth walk.

The World as One Labryinth Program invites anyone from around the world to walk a labyrinth to send or receive a healing for peace and abundance.

World Labyriinth Day is sponsored by The Labyrinth Society.

The Surya Chandra Retreat Center and Healing Gardens is a proud participant.

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Please join us for this exciting event. Free and open to the public. Donations gratefully accepted.

World Labyriinth Day is sponsored by The Labyrinth Society.

The Surya Chandra Retreat Center and Healing Gardens is a proud participant.

Eric Walter for World Labyrinth Day/ One World

Acclaimed Actor, Musician and Author to showcase World Labyrinth Day

We are very pleased to have acclaimed actor, musician and author Eric Walter join us to share rich musical offerings on the Native American flute, which he has played for over 25 years both through studies with Native American Masters and his own improvisations. A graduate of Reed College, Eric spent many years working as an actor, director and producer. Eric is also a largely self taught musician who has embraced a wide variety of musical styles that reflect his deep interest in ancient cultures, explored in his travels to diverse landscapes, from Arctic Alaska to the jungles of the Yucatan, from the deserts of Utah to the shores of ancient Greece and the Kingdom of Cambodia. The depth of his experiences is expressed both in his poetry and his musical offerings, which he has shared with admiring audiences throughout the American West, in Greece and Cambodia and on radio and television. As a solo artist he has produced two albums, Ruin Sky and Hawk’s Reply. He has published six books of poetry and short prose, the most recent of which is Moves Between Worlds. Out of his recent travels in Cambodia Eric has distilled a highly personal collection of poems reflecting his experiences with this beautiful resilient culture. 

In the spirit of World Labyrinth Day/One World, one of the hopes is that by collective walking of Labyrinths around the world concurrently, energy and healings can be gathered for us as one People. Mr. Walter continues to preserve and recreate this mission through his travels in Cambodia, where he continues to return, teach and inspire the children of this country by volunteering his rich talents to teach a variety of musical instruments to children who have no other access to musical education. 

World Labyrinth Day One World May 5, 2018

Please join us to walk the labyrinth at 1pm PST

Please join us to listen to Eric Walter on Native American Flute while you walk the labyrinth and for a reception following the Labyrinth Walk

Donations for our Guest Artist will be gratefully accepted

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